5 Corporate Event Planning Tips


1. Details are everything. Impress your guests with event details including non-traditional florals (think succulents and more greenery), personalized name tags, and center pieces guests can take away at the end of the night (less cleanup for you!). Those small details are always appreciated!

2. Unique furniture. We’re a huge fan of non-traditional furniture and décor (in our space especially!). We collaborate with Revival Rentals and Warehouse 127 regularly to create cocktail lounges for events, among other décor. We love to watch guests’ first look at the vintage furniture!

3. Get everyone on the same page. Have a meeting with all of your vendors prior to your event. Lay out the timeline and every small detail. It’s the perfect opportunity to get everyone on the same page and avoid any day-of hiccups.

4. FOOD FOOD FOOD! The majority of corporate events occur after business hours. Which means your employees will be hungry! Be sure to plan accordingly. Heavy apps (emphasis on heavy) or buffet stations are best. You don’t want guest enjoying a special cocktail (or two!) on an empty stomach.

5. Think outside of the box when it comes to entertainment. Consider young and upcoming local artists or local colleges for entertainment at your event. They’re thrilled to be hired and your guests will enjoy a performance they’ve most likely never seen before.